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the need for freedom, The need to make your own decisions The need to stand on your own two feet with the blue sky overhead and breathe fresh air, Smell the roses . . . I do not need to have a job with « status » so I can tell people about it.

Most of people go on the same path for years; it makes them feel right about what they are doing. I would call it existing from no-existing , they fear taking a side path, one not commonly explored.

Stopping to Smell the RosesThere are plenty of people who know exactly what I am talking about  (Mainly in the east , over the hill ..)and are actually standing somewhere else on this earth breathing the fresh air, smelling the roses. They too are using their brains independently and taking their own winding path through life. Maybe they have their own house. Maybe they have a spouse with a regular job. Maybe they don’t.

Now, not to give you the wrong impression. .., I work VERY hard. I have several contracted work situations and they are not all in the Land of the delicate. Some I grit my teeth and do with a forced smile. Some give me headaches or split the skin on my hands and feet. Some make me dismayed with people. While some cause me “to push the boat” out thoughts, interactions with people I know and people I will know briefly but who left their mark upon me, and all of whom I hope I leave good thoughts and feelings with. Some of the work is brainless and some is highly intellectually stimulating.

There are no freedom guys.. It’s fashion word ! just an howl , an utopia suggestion believe me . As a child, I used to shout that I needed to be « free! » My mother quietly replied, « No one is free. » Okay, then. I agree. There is no absolute freedom. Even when you are dead..Some1 will come to juge you .. !T he final judgement..LOLL

Well, just wondering if you ever feel the need to skip along the beach with the seagulls careening overhead, the bluster light on your face, and the sun warming you with its glow.. This is a slit flash of freedom..

Mandela once said, « The masses stoop to the lowness of the dark because they fear the light. »

I’m walking in the light.

What are you doing with your life?

Sorry for being late to give you my point of view . Hey! Leslie you know how I hate giving advise .. It ring a bell of some1 we know

People out the system…not interested by the project .. Cultivating their own virtue. It may possibly be a sort of freedom ..

Have a nice day ..

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